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Discomfort at its Finest

I’ve just finished my first week of group Spanish classes at Toucan Spanish School in Parque Lleras, and so far it’s going swimmingly. I was concerned about spending too much time with my English-speaking classmates (Have I told y’all about [...]

Lessons in the Sky: Petty Hurts

Have you ever had a bad interaction with a coworker? One that descended into unbecoming, if not unprofessional behavior? One that caused you to lose your cool? An incident happened on a flight recently that got me thinking about professional relationships, snap judgements, and how being petty hurts.

How to spend the perfect day in Paros

he island of Paros was the second stop of our Greek Isles girls trip last summer- one of my favorite trips of all time if I’m being honest. Tucked nicely in our itinerary between Mykonos and Santorini, Paros was a gorgeous little reprieve from the crowds and the bustling nightlife of its more well-known neighbors. After the partying in Mykonos, we were happy to dry out a bit and take in the scenery and slower pace. The ferry ride took only an hour, but disembarking in Paros was like stepping into a whole different world.

A Bad Day At Work

Yesterday was International Flight Attendant Day. And while my friends and coworkers were posting cute photos of them in uniform, hashtagging this made-up (but fun!) holiday, I was having a pretty awful day at work. The first in a long while. I wrote this post in the late, late night and wee hours of the morning on the plane, as a way to do a bit of thoughtful venting and also as a means of opening up and giving a true picture of what FA Life is all about. Though I love what I do, like any other job there are some times when work just isn’t awesome. Or glamorous. Or exciting. Some days are exhausting and irritating and terrible. Here’s a bad day of work…

Best Things I Never Did in Mexico City: A Guide to Going Back

September 16 was Mexican Independence Day, and I am missing that place in a big way. It is possible that the missing is less about Mexico specifically and more about how life was while I was there. My three-month stint in Mexico City ended in early February when I returned to the States, just in time to end up in lockdown amidst the pandemic. Thus Mexico, in my mind, is the last time things were normal.

Dia de los Muertos is NOT cancelled.

Dia de los Muertos, the day of the dead, is one of the most significant of Mexican holidays and one I’m so grateful to have been in attendance for in 2019. This year, amid COVID cautions, the celebrations will look a bit different. Most of the large, public events will be cancelled or held virtually. But this spiritual holiday—so important it was named a World Intangible Cultural Heritage tradition by UNESCO— could never truly be cancelled.

Why I stopped taking spanish classes and started volunteering

I’d been wanting to start volunteering in Mexico in some way, shape or form, since I finalized the idea to come and live here. It’s a good way to become more involved in the community and to feel a connection to the people of the city. It could be a way to make new friends. And of course, great practice for my Spanish-learning. So, why didn’t I start sooner?

Challenges, Missed Deadlines, & National Novel Writing Month

Last week I took a breather and missed my deadline. I post on Thursdays around here. This deadline, one post each week, on Thursday, has helped me to stay on track, consistent, accountable. Before, when I was writing and posting whenever the feeling struck me, it was easy to get thrown off course, to find more important things to do than write, edit, and format. My self-imposed deadline, that I’ve been following religiously since April, has changed that. This lengthy intro is just to address the elephant in the proverbial room—that I did not publish anything last week.

Rainbows, Stares &…Stoning? Traveling while LGBT

Have you ever looked up a country’s laws to find out if your relationship was illegal? Have you ever scoured an Airbnb host’s profile, searching for an indication of whether they are gay-friendly? Have you ever suffered anxiety before a TSA security checkpoint, knowing the impending humiliation you’d have to suffer?
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, welcome to traveling while LGBT.

Medellin Day 2: Getting Around

Five minutes in and I was breaking the law. I slinked past the taxi line and the security officer in a neon vest directing traffic, sipping my café con leche and trying to look natural as I headed for the parking garage across the street where my Uber driver had instructed me to meet him. He put my bags in the trunk and told me to sit in the front seat….

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