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Learning to haggle on Khao San Road

We were sitting at a wobbly aluminum table, topped with a beer tower for two, on the sidewalk outside a restaurant on Bangkok’s famed Khao San Road when she approached. Dressed in too many layers for the summer heat in Thailand, she was selling black wooden frogs in assorted sizes.

Find the PERFECT gift for your favorite frequent flyer

Got a frequent flyer in your life? Wondering what to get your favorite flight attendant or pilot this holiday season? Well, look no further! This high-flying gift guide has wrapped up the best gifts to get for the flight attendant, pilot, or traveler in your life. All of these are items I personally have or WANT to have. Plus, I took some suggestions from other FAs. Without further ado, here they are: The 20 BEST gifts for flight attendants, pilots, and travelers.

The Truth about #FlightAttendantLife

I think my job is the coolest job in the world.

No, really! It allows me to live a lifestyle I love, to travel the world, to meet new people daily, to work 15 days a month and call it full time. There are plenty of other jobs that are more impressive: Doctors, lawyers, professional athletes. Many of my peers make a lot more money than I do and garner more respect and prestige for their positions: Sales, Nurses, Public Relations professionals. Sometimes I get a little down about the fact that, while I’m actually on the plane to save lives in the event of an emergency, a lot of people think that I’m only there to hold their garbage or get them drunk. But let me tell you something.

A Different Kind of Homesick

Do Flight Attendants get homesick? A lot of flight attendants talk about how this job has made them appreciate home. How living this crazy life in airports and hotels and different time zones makes them crave and savour the little things. Small pleasures like your own bedding, that fancy coffee maker you got last Christmas, sounds of footsteps of those you love or live with, the subtle but distinct smell when you walk through the door—the smell of home. A good number of my coworkers have told me how when they’re off they don’t want to be traveling or jet-setting. They just want to be home. They want to rest, to be with their loved ones. Or alone with their belongings, their space, their piece of peace.

Feeding Time: Tips and Tricks from the hungriest FA Alive

A lot of people will tell you it's difficult to be healthy when you're always on the go. When I started my job senior flight attendants were always telling me this. For some it can be, but I've had the [...]

Just Keep Swimming

It is so, so frustrating, especially as a “writer” to not be able to say what you want, or to have to speak so poorly. To be getting words or grammar wrong all the time. It’s exhausting having to use my brain so much to say something so simple. I found myself worrying that the foundation I have (the words and phrases and structures I’ve learned) is not strong enough to be building new grammatical structures and words and verbs on top of it. I wondered for a second: “Am I in over my head?”

On comfort, coasting, and job security

Not only is the coronavirus devastating lives, families and industry, but it caused a black hole of an existential come-to-Jesus moment for me last week after some unexpected work news. Read on, but be warned: There is some serious vulnerability in the paragraphs ahead.

Lookin’ Back: 2019

We’re almost a week into 2020 and I’m just now taking the time to pause and reflect on 2019. From what I’ve seen on social media I’m days late, but truth be told it was a realllly awesome year and I wanted to savor every last moment. Once the hustle and bustle of the holidays ended and I had time to sit and think about this year gone by, counting all the incredible experiences and small pleasures I’ve encountered along the way, I realized it was enough to fill a blog post and certainly a worthy subject.
I know what you’re thinking: Barf! Someone’s braggy highlight reel about their awesome year. I certainly hope it doesn’t end up coming off that way. But this year was a big one for me, and since I write this thing more for myself than for you, I’m going to have to get into it a little.

Flying Rescue Dogs from Puerto Rico| BEST Volunteer Day

Fluffy bellies, wet noses, and wagging tails—aren’t dogs just the BEST!? Recently I had the pleasure of transporting two adorable rescue pups to their fur-ever homes. People have been asking me about the experience, the organization, how it worked and how they can become rescue flyers. I figured I may as well tackle it in a blog post, and viola! Here we are. Read on to hear about my experience flying rescue dogs from Puerto Rico, and how you can get involved too.

How to Poop on a Plane: A Flight Attendant Shares

Ahh, the dreaded 30,000 foot stomach gurgle. One moment you’re sipping your large coffee, minding your business, and the next you are under attack—by last night’s dinner.
Yes, friends, we are going there. This is information the public needs to know. And as a flight attendant, I’m making it my dooty to tell you.

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