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So, How’s Work? 10 Ways Flying has Changed since the Pandemic

As a full-time flight attendant flying through the pandemic, I’ve been getting a lot of questions.
How is work going for you? Do you feel safe? Is your job safe? How are people behaving? What is it like being on the road in these times? I figured I may as well write a post about it to answer these common questions, clear things up, and reflect on just how we’re getting through these very unique times.

Medellin Day 2: Getting Around

Five minutes in and I was breaking the law. I slinked past the taxi line and the security officer in a neon vest directing traffic, sipping my café con leche and trying to look natural as I headed for the parking garage across the street where my Uber driver had instructed me to meet him. He put my bags in the trunk and told me to sit in the front seat….

Top ten things i’ll miss in Medellin

This adventure of mine is coming to a close. I arrived in Medellin nearly six weeks ago, not speaking a lick of Spanish other than “please”, “thank you” and some random airplane words, and I’ll leave this Friday with a solid foundation of the language including future and three past tenses and a pool of vocabulary that is growing by the day. I had never traveled solo, and now I have. I’d been wanting to have the feeling of living abroad, to stay in one place for long enough that I felt (almost) like a local. And I have. I’ve been wanting to see this city since I first visited the North of Colombia and didn’t make it here, two years ago. Now, this city has stolen my heart. I feel so comfortable here that it is difficult to imagine going home for good and this being just another memory, another tale of travel.

A Day in the Life

Recently I had one of the most quintessential flight attendant days. It was like something out of a movie—a comedy, where the protagonist (me) can’t catch a break and finds herself encountering one obstacle after another in an almost too-much to-be-true fashion. I was on zero sleep and a time crunch and shit was just going wrong. But honestly, it was so typical I should have expected it. And so, rather than becoming frustrated or giving in to feeling bad for myself, I laughed. I laughed at the situations I get myself into, the lengths at which I have to go sometimes to get myself out, and this crazy scattered life we live. It was so good I decided mid-day, between one missed flight and one cancelled, that I’d write a piece about it here.

Pros & Cons of Dating a Coworker: Aviation Edition

I must have love on the brain, because here we are, another Thursday and another post about dating. Last week I told you guys the DOs and DON’Ts of Dating a Flight Attendant. This week we are tackling a topic I get asked about a lot: Dating at work.

I’m Comin’ Out

I decided to come out.
Not of the closet. Been there, done that. But there is something else I’ve been all but hiding for years.
I determined that before Corona was over, I would “go public” with this side of myself, the only “Must do” on my long list of quarantine goals. I would come out to my family and friends and acquaintances, old and new. I’d let you all in on my little secret. And since this Sunday will be my first day back to work full-time, it looks like time’s up. So here goes…

The 7 Most Annoying Things about Flight Attendants

Flight attendants. We love ‘em, but let’s face it, they can be a lot. As a full-time flight attendant, I’m allowed to talk some shit and share the secrets. So here we go. Today I’m rounding up the 7 most annoying things about flight attendants. Buckle, up it’s about to get real.

Takeaways, Three weeks in

The irony is I'm posting this from Boston. I've been in Mexico for three weeks now, and despite dealing with a cold and some difficulty in my language learning, I am enjoying myself so, so much. I had never stepped [...]

Mazunte is Magic

Oaxaca is the largest state in Mexico and includes not only the artisan-hub capital city of the same name, but also miles and miles of sand and surf of chill and beautiful beach towns along the southern pacific coast. Mazunte is one of these beach towns, a cool six-hour drive from Oaxaca City and about an hour and a half from the most popular beach destination in the state: Puerto Escondido.
I decided, instead of venturing to an entirely new area for my final days in Mexico, and getting just a tiny overview of each place, that I would take a six-hour winding ride in a little passenger van, after a 12-hour ride in the opposite direction just days before, all the way back to the Oaxacan Coast. It was worth the drive, because Mazunte is magic.

What I’m Reading—COVID Edition

Books and airplanes, reading and vacations, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Although admittedly, I don’t read as much as I’d like to, I’ve been getting back into it and remembering just how much I love reading.

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