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Running the Globe: Top 5 Races of a World-Traveling Runner

If you know me at all, you probably know I’m a runner. I’ve run all over the world, in Singapore, The Netherlands, in Mexico & Colombia, and in several US states from Utah to Florida to Maine. My next upcoming road race, which was supposed to take place in September in Hawaii has officially been cancelled due to COVID. No one is surprised, but since I was looking forward to it and the news is fresh, I wanted to focus a little on one of my favorite “hobbies” and highlight my Top 5 Favorite Races.

Breaking your own rules

We all face pressure. High pressure jobs, pressure from our families, societal and cultural pressure. But often the real pressure comes from within. Sometimes things happen and I’m struck to realize that, while I might be face-palming those external pressures, I’m still carrying my own self-induced burdens.
One of these things happened recently, when New Guy asked if he could come to Mexico City.

Girls’ Weekend in Stowe

An overdue girls’ weekend is like a sip of magic potion. A whipped cream-covered sundae on a hot day. A meditation of sorts; each deep breath in rewarded with a belly laugh out. It allows you to stop thinking of the stressors that consume your days and get lost in the gossip, the antics, the pure light that is true friendship.

I’ve just had a ridiculously fun girls’ weekend in Stowe, Vermont that felt like a refresh for the soul.

Have a Killer Time Whale Watching in Victoria

I may be going back to working the skies in August, but things are far from “back to normal.” I have been looking back at some of my awesome past travel experiences, in part as a gratitude exercise—like “Damn, I really took advantage of my travel benefits”—and in part for something to look forward to—as in “Can’t wait to be exploring and doing all this fun stuff again.”
Today I’m reminiscing about…whales.

Find the PERFECT gift for your favorite frequent flyer

Got a frequent flyer in your life? Wondering what to get your favorite flight attendant or pilot this holiday season? Well, look no further! This high-flying gift guide has wrapped up the best gifts to get for the flight attendant, pilot, or traveler in your life. All of these are items I personally have or WANT to have. Plus, I took some suggestions from other FAs. Without further ado, here they are: The 20 BEST gifts for flight attendants, pilots, and travelers.

6 Ways to beat the Self-Quarantine Blues

6 ways to beat the social distancing blues that don’t involve getting drunk or binge-watching Netflix.

How to spend the perfect day in Paros

he island of Paros was the second stop of our Greek Isles girls trip last summer- one of my favorite trips of all time if I’m being honest. Tucked nicely in our itinerary between Mykonos and Santorini, Paros was a gorgeous little reprieve from the crowds and the bustling nightlife of its more well-known neighbors. After the partying in Mykonos, we were happy to dry out a bit and take in the scenery and slower pace. The ferry ride took only an hour, but disembarking in Paros was like stepping into a whole different world.

Top 6 Reasons to Get Vaccinated (That you may not have thought of!)

I got my second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine this week. I am over-the-moon excited to be one step closer to travel, to socializing, to dating, to normalcy. And while I did suffer the second-dose sickness you may have heard about—24 hours of feverish, mild flu-like symptoms—I found every sweaty second to be well worth it.
Since I’ve been vaccinated and am now an expert, I’ve compiled my list of the Top 6 reasons to get vaccinated. Some you may not have thought of! Read on for more.

4 Essential Southern Maine Hikes

Summers in New England are short, but oh-so-sweet. Any native New Englander knows you’ve got to take advantage of the sunshine and high temps while they last because once the first frost hits, it’s parkas, shovels, and icy winds lashing your face for at least four months. I have been making the most of my Maine Summer and spending lots of time in the great outdoors. Here are four of the best hikes in Southern Maine that I’ve found.

Hiking and Paragliding in Cocorná

The first thing I noticed about Medellin, before I even arrived in the city, on the descent in el avion was how green it is. Mountains surround the city and the jagged lines of the lush, green peaks made me giddy with excitement. I thanked my lucky stars for my last minute decision to pack hiking shoes and vowed that I would spend some time in these vast acres of trees in my free time.
The morning of the hike I had to get up at the crackle of dawn. I was to meet the group at el Terminal de Transportes del Norte. North Station.

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