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Lessons in the Sky: Gratitude at 30,000 Feet

I’ve been learning a lot of lessons up in the air. You all know I’m a full-time Flight Attendant, so the airplane is my office. It is a real petri dish of humanity up there. Brimming with the best and the worst of us. You can find any emotion, age, background story if you look around on a full flight. And if you look hard enough, you can also find some valuable lessons.
Recently, a young man on my flight gave me a gift. A perspective shift of epic proportions. He changed the course of my day and, if I’m being honest, much more than that.
I’m going to tell you our story.

Not Me | A Poem about Life on the Road

Flight attendant life can be a lonely one. Or so they say.
I wrote this poem a couple years ago, processing my feelings about life on the road. Of the loneliness my peers talked about that I couldn’t seem to feel. Except…
Except for the times when I slowed my pace, sat in place, long enough to sit and write. Long enough to feel. And it turned out, to my surprise, it was more complicated than I thought.


Every time I travel I’m amazed with how quickly life returns to normalcy, how easily you fall back into routine after returning home. And the new world you’ve experienced? It goes right on turning in your absence, as if you’ve never dropped in. I was convinced that the adjustment period after seven weeks in Colombia would be more difficult, take a bit longer. That I’d be missing my life as a Spanish student and dissatisfied with my real life at home. I got a surprise– in the form of food poisoning– that ended up changing my perspective and allowing me to see things in a whole new light. Read on to see how.

Breaking your own rules

We all face pressure. High pressure jobs, pressure from our families, societal and cultural pressure. But often the real pressure comes from within. Sometimes things happen and I’m struck to realize that, while I might be face-palming those external pressures, I’m still carrying my own self-induced burdens.
One of these things happened recently, when New Guy asked if he could come to Mexico City.

Feeding Time: Tips and Tricks from the hungriest FA Alive

A lot of people will tell you it's difficult to be healthy when you're always on the go. When I started my job senior flight attendants were always telling me this. For some it can be, but I've had the [...]

Top 10 Things to do in Singapore

In 2017 my friends and I packed our bags for a place I never dreamt (or even thought) of visiting: Singapore.
The annual World Airline Road Race that year was set to take place in Singapore, hosted by Singapore Airlines. It would be my first time running what has now become my absolute favorite race. The best part of this race is exploring a new city (and country!) and interacting with flight crews from around the globe. The best part about this particular race in 2017 was that it gave me a great excuse to visit a destination that would never have made it to my top of list otherwise.

Fighting Fatigue on the Road

The airline industry never sleeps. I often feel like I don’t either. I’m sure a lot of you may feel the same way. Jetlag when you’re traveling, or after traveling, can be rough. It can really knock you out. But when you are working in an industry where any day could be “The Day”—the day you have to evacuate an aircraft full of people in mere minutes—it’s critical to be not just awake, but alert and on your A-game. I’ve compiled a list of tips for trouble with falling asleep or staying awake that keep me rested and safe while on the road.

Top ten things i’ll miss in Medellin

This adventure of mine is coming to a close. I arrived in Medellin nearly six weeks ago, not speaking a lick of Spanish other than “please”, “thank you” and some random airplane words, and I’ll leave this Friday with a solid foundation of the language including future and three past tenses and a pool of vocabulary that is growing by the day. I had never traveled solo, and now I have. I’d been wanting to have the feeling of living abroad, to stay in one place for long enough that I felt (almost) like a local. And I have. I’ve been wanting to see this city since I first visited the North of Colombia and didn’t make it here, two years ago. Now, this city has stolen my heart. I feel so comfortable here that it is difficult to imagine going home for good and this being just another memory, another tale of travel.

How to spend the perfect day in Paros

he island of Paros was the second stop of our Greek Isles girls trip last summer- one of my favorite trips of all time if I’m being honest. Tucked nicely in our itinerary between Mykonos and Santorini, Paros was a gorgeous little reprieve from the crowds and the bustling nightlife of its more well-known neighbors. After the partying in Mykonos, we were happy to dry out a bit and take in the scenery and slower pace. The ferry ride took only an hour, but disembarking in Paros was like stepping into a whole different world.

The Truth about #FlightAttendantLife

I think my job is the coolest job in the world.

No, really! It allows me to live a lifestyle I love, to travel the world, to meet new people daily, to work 15 days a month and call it full time. There are plenty of other jobs that are more impressive: Doctors, lawyers, professional athletes. Many of my peers make a lot more money than I do and garner more respect and prestige for their positions: Sales, Nurses, Public Relations professionals. Sometimes I get a little down about the fact that, while I’m actually on the plane to save lives in the event of an emergency, a lot of people think that I’m only there to hold their garbage or get them drunk. But let me tell you something.

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